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Procive resigns from Stark County Fair Association

DICKINSON - After being a part of the Stark County Fair Association for nearly four years, Bob Procive has decided to resign.

He made his resignation official at the fair board meeting this past Monday and it is effective today.

"Between work and professional organizations and family ... there just wasn't enough time to go around," Procive said.

He is the president-elect for the North Dakota Society of Professional Land Surveyors. He was also just promoted to senior land surveyor at Interstate Engineering.

"I'm in favor of what the fair board is planning to do with the fairgrounds and I'm happy that I was able to help as long as I could," Procive said.

Kurt Froelich, fair board chairman, is a bit disappointed that Prociv resigned.

"We're happy for him ... but we're also sad to see him leave," Froelich said. "Bob was a good board member - very active and involved."

Since Procive resides in Belfield, he helped diversify the fair board by representing small-town interests.

"Stark County is larger than just Dickinson," Procive said. "Small-town people need a voice and that's what I tried to bring to it."

Froelich said Procive's small-town experience helped with community meetings.

"He was involved with those ... public input meetings," Froelich said. "He made some contacts there."

Procive has a great interest in motor sports, and brought his knowledge of them to board.

"Through the years I worked with the drag racing association in helping them get the airport races funded and worked a little bit with the speedway people ...," Procive said.

He also had a great deal of professional experience to bring to the board.

"He helped us with developing a preliminary plot plan," Froelich said.

He was also part of the fair board's facility development committee. The goal of this group is "basically putting the facilities on the ground and making them work in a logical manner."

Unfortunately, since the committee was just recently formed, Procive was not able to be an active part of it.

"It's very early in the planning stages and we haven't gotten to that point yet," Procive said.

However, he feels fortunate that he was able to be a part of the fair board for as long as did.

"I feel a great satisfaction in kicking off the possibility of developing a fairground," Procive said. "I just enjoyed working with the people there and I'm kind of saddened that time constraints really got to be too much. I wish them well."

He also hopes the fair board will continue supporting motor sports in Stark County.

"I was hoping in the future ... that there would be openings for go-karting, car shows, tractor pulling, those motor sports events is what I'd like to see developed," Procive said.

He hopes the individual chosen to fill his vacancy has interests similar to his own.

"I just hope they can get another person from a small town and hopefully somebody with a little bit of motor sports interest," Procive said. "You don't want to load it up with just one interest ... You want a good mix."

Procive added that while the members of the fair board have their differences, they still form a unified group.

"The fair board is a fairly close-knit, positive minded group that is looking to develop something for Stark County as a whole," Procive said.

Froelich said a new member with skills similar to Procive's would be beneficial, but he is open to anyone who is interested in the position.

"Our expectations are to participate and provide input," Froelich said. "At this stage in the game, we're going to be looking for a good individual that is going to be willing and committed. There is a lot of hard work ahead."

Froelich added that the position is appointed and the fair board is currently accepting applications.

"If an individual is interested, they need to make contact with a board member, because I'm sure they'll have questions," Froelich said. "From that point we'll have to ... take it to the board and they'll have to make a selection."

For more information on the vacant Stark County Fair Association position, interested individuals can contact Froelich at 701-456-7665.