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Letter: All deserve right to life

Do not confuse the Employer Free Choice Act described in a letter to the editor on Jan. 2, which is positive, with the Freedom of Choice Act, which is negative and dangerous.

FOCA establishes abortion as a fundamental right and prohibits all state and federal entities from forbidding and controlling abortion rights.

It would remove the partial birth abortion ban act and allow using our tax money to fund abortions. Medical personnel and hospitals could be required to perform abortions regardless of personal and religious beliefs.

Face it, abortion is the murder of a human being in the early stage of development -- on to partial birth abortion -- on to killing the baby that survived an abortion. Regardless of the situation that led to a pregnancy, that baby has a right to be born and live a normal life.

We must support organizations that aid pregnant girls and women to deal with problems in a positive pro-life way. Urge Conrad, Dorgan and Pomeroy to vote against FOCA, and do all in their power to defeat it and give all the right to life.

Frances Meduna,