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Letter: Make no mistake, G&G Garbage still open

The name of our business is G&G Garbage not to be confused with G&G Recycling.

This letter is in response to recent articles concerning G&G Recycling and potential plans for them to discontinue doing business in the area.

For our customers at G&G Garbage and the public in general, we would like to clarify the understandable confusion between our two companies due to the similarity of our names and the business we are in.

We are G&G Garbage and we are building a growing business as a solid waste collector in western North Dakota.

-G&G Garbage began in 1993 in Baker, Mont.

-G&G Garbage has operations in Baker, Mont. and Dickinson and Williston.

-In March, G&G Garbage purchased the rolloff container business servicing the greater Dickinson area from Andy's Sanitation.

-G&G Garbage is now the largest provider of rolloff containers in western North Dakota operating a fleet of six chassis servicing 250 rolloff containers

-G&G Garbage is also working with rural communities throughout western North Dakota in developing transfer stations (similar in function but smaller than the Dickinson Baler Building) for the collection and transportation of solid waste.

-G&G Garbage actively provides service to the entire western North Dakota energy sector with rolloff container service, loader equipment, 400-barrel storage tanks, manlifts, generators and more.

Tom Knutson, director of business development, G&G Garbage, Dickinson