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DSU solicits bids on BAC

Even though its groundbreaking ceremonies took place on Jan. 5, visible progress hasn't been made on the construction of the $16 million Badlands Activities Center.

But progress has been made.

Dickinson State University is in the process of soliciting bids on for the BAC. Contractors can bid on the contract categories in Bid Package 1 and Bid Package 2 until Feb. 10.

Bids previously submitted for Bid Package 1, due on Jan. 13, either did not meet requirements of the North Dakota Century Code or exceeded the proposed budget.

"We're kind of disappointed that we're at this point, but yet we have to follow North Dakota Century Code in order to meet the specs of the law and that's what we're doing," Executive director of the DSU Alumni Association and Foundation Kevin Thompson said.

The first two or four packages, Package 1 and Package 2, deal with site preparation and procurements that require substantial lead time.

Package 1, which was opened for bids previously in late December, includes the demolition of the existing Whitney Stadium, dirt-work, track and football field construct, the bleacher system, asphalt and the electrical system.

"Bid Package 1 is a critical package because it's the items that we need first in order so we can play football and that stuff in the fall," Thompson said.

Bid Package 2 includes the foundation work for the BAC, Package 3 includes the steel work and Package 4 will include facility enclosures.

Thompson said documentation was missing from the bids and that's why they could not be accepted even though some of the bids were what they were looking for.

"They (some of the bids) would get us into those areas we need to be at," Thompson said. "There were certain areas, where we had no eligible bidders in them because none of them followed procedures. It's as simple as that."

Ron Traecy, the director of University Relations for DSU said it isn't unusual for something like this to happen.

"It's not unusual for some companies to not meet the criteria for the bid, nor is it unusual for companies to over bid," Traecy said.

Traecy said the university isn't worried about the timeline and believes it can still be met, despite this setback.

"We have no intention of this delaying the process of the BAC and we're still looking forward to the first phase which is demolition, which will be coming up here pretty quick," Traecy said.