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Mott-Regent transition committee planning to get down to business

Since its creation last August, the Mott-Regent School Board transition committee hasn't accomplished much, but solid plans are going to be made soon, committee chairman Bill Gion said.

The committee, comprised of Gion, Stacey Hertz and Ben Auch, was formed with the intent of assisting the transition that will take place when the Regent site closes down, effective June 30.

In July of last year, the board voted to keep the Regent site open one more additional year. A transition committee was then formed in August.

So far, the committee has yet to meet officially, due to time conflicts and weather prohibiting the committee to fully meet, Gion said.

"We are planning to have a transition team meeting sometime between now and the regularly scheduled board meeting in February," Gion said. "So far we have the three board members and there are a couple of members of the community."

Gion said some community members from both Regent and Mott have also agreed to sit on the committee, although many opted not to take a position on the committee.

"It's a very emotional topic," Gion said. "They may come to an open forum, but they didn't want to serve on a team."

Terry Hartman, mayor of Regent and Troy Mosbrucker, mayor of Mott, are just a few members that have agreed to serve on the committee, Gion said.

Mott-Regent principal Deb Bohn and Superintendent Myron Schweitzer will be advising the committee, he added.

"Our goal is anything we do is non-binding on the board," Gion said. "They don't have to implement anything we suggest but our goal is to research and recommend what we think would be the best way to implement the decision."

Gion said part of the responsibility of the transition committee is preparing the Mott site for the new influx of students.

"My goal as chairman is to try to bring these two communities together and focus on where these kids are going to go," Gion said. "I want the kids to have everything they deserve when they get to the facility in Mott. Our focus is going to be on what is in Mott, what are we lacking, so that when these kids come to Mott next fall we're going to be as ready as we can be."

Transition committee member Stacey Hertz said she feels as though things will get done.

"It hasn't worked out (so far)," Hertz said. "If the weather isn't going to cooperate, what are you going to do? I'm not frustrated, but just patiently waiting. I don't feel it's a problem, there's time yet."

The next regular meeting of the Mott-Regent School Board is 7 p.m., Feb. 10 in Regent.