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Bank scam hits Dickinson

Dickinson residents reported receiving phone calls Monday from somebody wanting their Western Cooperative Credit Union account information. Melanie Stillwell President and CEO of WCCU, said the calls are a scam.

"It just states that their cards have been compromised and in order to fix it, they need to enter their 16-digit account number," Stillwell said. "It was not just people who had accounts with us, it was people who had accounts with other financial institutions."

She said the same thing happened Friday in Williston, and 50 to 70 people there reported the calls.

"Do not enter your numbers, we would never call that way for information, because we actually have that information on file, if they're a member of the credit union," Stillwell said.

She said one person gave out information in Williston, but blocked her account and had no further problems.

"Just hang up, don't give out your information," Stillwell said.