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Group wants fair ideas

Residents have given Stark County Fair Association members many ideas regarding plans for a fairgrounds, but they are still looking for input.

Gary Satern, project consultant, said during a Friday luncheon that the public will help sculpt the project.

"If there's people out there that aren't in favor of it, I would not ask them to bite their tongue," he said. "If they want to communicate their thoughts, that will be taken into consideration, too."

He added the development of 56 acres on the west side of Dickinson would not be used solely for a fairgrounds.

"It's got to be seen as a multiple-use facility," Satern said, adding it wouldn't be financially feasible to use the property once a year.

The Fair Association hopes to work a rodeo grounds, 4-H building, nature trail and other buildings into the property.

"Interested groups in the area that may need a place for a meeting may need a place for a trade show, people with horses, bird watchers -- it covers a full gamut," Satern said. "Our main target in this is the culture in the area, youth education, 4-H and other like projects. There are groups out there that are looking for a home."

Not only will letters from interested organizations generate more ideas, it may also help with the project's costs.

"I would really like to get as many letters of support from interested groups in the community, because that will become part of the packet that will go out to potential sources of funding," Satern said.

A color illustration of the proposed project is about 60 percent done and was available for Fair Association members during the luncheon.

"It gives a feel of reality," said Terri Thiel, member. "It gives a feel of being able to see the future in front of you and it gives a feel of usability, of possibilities."

She added it will also help them layout the facilities more accurately and efficiently.

Satern has been taking illustrations of possible buildings to area offices and organizations to make them aware of the plans and also to look into possible funding options for the project. The Fair Association is planning to contact communities in the area for support of the project as well.

Satern is also working on a budget for the project.

Send input to:

The Stark County Fair Association

P.O. Box 130

Dickinson, ND 58602