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Letter: Bigger things to worry about than wolves in Alaska

If any of you have seen Naomi Judd's commercial crying out for help to the American public to stop Alaska's Gov. Sarah Palin from appropriating funds for the hunting and slaughtering of wolves in Alaska, and if Judd really thinks this is a big concern in America, evidently she is missing a link.

We slaughter babies by the thousands everyday without a second thought. If these actors and actresses ever had to witness a family member or friend lose their jobs and not know how they plan to support their families they wouldn't have so much time to waste on such ridiculous issues.

Our economy is broken or close to it. We should ban together and quit patronizing their movies and their trashy music that is corrupting our children's heads daily. It's time we pay attention to what is really going on.

I don't care how well Obama's children are dressed, his love story or plan for our country which my dear friends is slowing moving toward the new world order. You and I also have a love story called our grandparents, parents, spouses, children and grandchildren. We all have the right to prosper and the right to a good life. 

It's time we get back to basics, ask God for forgiveness and quit allowing our children to buy trashy music and fill their brains with garbage aired on television and at theaters for entertainment while the antichrist takes over the world. Let those actors and actresses go hungry and not know where their next breast job or botox treatment will come from. Quit patronizing the entertainment industry that really could care less about our pursuit of happiness but will buy airtime to save the wolves in Alaska.

Quit buying that trash and allowing our children to watch it. Soon they too will be hungry and come to their senses. Stand up and be counted. They are not giants, merely overcompensated fiends. We do count and we can stop this stupidity if we are not afraid to stand up for our rights. Turn off your television sets and the headphones attached to our ears. Let the entertainment industry feel the walls closing in on them.

Cindy Ewoniuk, Belfield