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It's still slick

Press Photo by Ashley Martin A semi tipped over after sliding off an I-94 on-ramp on Thursday. Luckily, no one was injured during the incident.

A semi truck with an oversized load tipped over after sliding off the slippery Interstate 94 on-ramp near Tiger Discount Wednesday.

Trooper Shawn Skogen, with the North Dakota Highway Patrol, said the accident occurred at about 9:45 a.m. and caused more than $1,000 in damages to the rig. He added the semi slid in the snow about 150 feet before tipping over.

The driver, Sam Yetley, was hauling a generator block from the Coteau mine in Beulah to Gillette, Wyo. No one was injured, and Yetley's semi was the only vehicle involved in the incident.

Skogen said the semi was about 137 feet long and weighed about 250,000 pounds. The generator alone weighed about 147,000 pounds, he added.

Yetley, who resides in Billings, Mont., had stopped at Tiger Discount for fuel and was on his way back to the Interstate when he slid off the road. He said he had never been in an accident with a semi and has been a trucker for about 15 years.

"I'm still a little shocked," Yetley said.

Skogen said since Yetley was hauling an oversized load, he shouldn't have been driving during hazardous road conditions.

"He was cited for operating in violation of his permit," Skogen said, adding he also received a ticket for care required.

The Highway Patrol responded to another vehicle rollover west of Dickinson earlier Thursday morning, and nobody was injured, Skogen said. Law enforcement all over the area continued to respond to people sliding into ditches and other small property accidents Wednesday, as roads were snow packed and slippery.

A motorist also struck a male juvenile who was trying to walk across an intersection Thursday morning.

"He tried to stop but was sliding on the ice," said Lt. Rod Banyai from the Dickinson Police Department.

He said the motorist was traveling slow and did not believe the juvenile was struck hard.

"The kid got up and took off running. He has no idea who it was," Banyai said.