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Cops: Dunkin' Donuts worker slashes patron's tires

All the customer wanted was a coffee. Instead, he has to buy four new tires.

Natick police say a clerk at a Dunkin' Donuts slashed all four tires on a customer's Jeep after the two got in an argument over how long it was taking the worker to prepare a cup of coffee.

Police say 39-year-old Thomas Zazulak of Framingham was arrested on Wednesday and charged with malicious and wanton and destruction of property and disturbing the peace while armed. He is scheduled to be arraigned Thursday in Natick District Court.

Police tell the MetroWest Daily News that the customer -- whom they did not identify -- left the coffee shop because it was taking to long to make his coffee.

Zazulak allegedly followed him outside, pulled a folding knife, and slashed the tires.