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Burger King burglar behind bars

After months of trying to contact the accused Burger King burglar, Cody Rocha, police transported the 19-year-old to the Southwest Multi County Correction Center in Dickinson Thursday afternoon.

The burglary occurred in December, but authorities were unable to locate Rocha until he was arrested in Minnesota on Feb. 10.

"Prior to us being able to issue an arrest warrant, Cody had left Dickinson and we felt he was either heading toward Minnesota or Nevada," said Kylan Klauzer, Dickinson Police Department investigator. He was found at his job in Minnesota and he resisted arrest, he added.

Klauzer called Rocha on several occasions, but was unable to make contact.

"Cody had sent me two or three e-mails trying to contact me, but he had already invoked his right to an attorney so I could not speak with him about the case," he said, adding he had continued working with the FBI to locate Rocha during that time.

Klauzer believes Rocha faces other charges in Minnesota, but was extradited to Dickinson to take care of the charges he faces here.

Rocha, who used to work at the Dickinson Burger King, was charged with burglary and theft of property in connection to an incident on Dec. 15. Both charges are felonies.

He allegedly Rocha cleaned out the safe, making off with about $2,134, Klauzer said.

"We had a little bit of evidence at the scene," Klauzer said. "We found some evidence at his residence and then in just talking to some people we developed enough probable cause to get an arrest warrant for him."

Investigators think he got into the building through a drive-thru window that was not secured, Klauzer said.

He said Rocha is the only suspect in the case.

Rocha is also facing several unrelated counts in Stark County for allegedly issuing checks or drafts without sufficient funds. One of those counts is a felony and alleges he owes more than $800.