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Man gets pinned under tire in Dickinson

Press Photo by Beth Wischmeyer Shown is a car crash on south Main Avenue which took place Friday afternoon. The crash resulted in three being transported to St. Joseph's Hospital for injuries.

A 46-year-old man called for help when his truck rolled over his leg, pinning him under a tire Friday morning.

Officer Corey Lee said Roger Baker of Spokane, Wash., was parked at B G Excavation at the time of the incident.

"He was working on the brakes and the truck rolled backwards and he got pinned," Lee said. "He had a block behind the tires ... the block apparently slid backwards or wasn't secured against the tires."

Lee said Baker called for help on his cell phone.

He was transported to St. Joseph's Hospital in Dickinson, Lee said. A spokesperson from St. Joseph's Hospital said Baker was treated and released.

In an unrelated incident, three people were taken to the hospital as a result of a car crash on South Main Avenue in Dickinson, Lee said.

Matthew Jahner, 17, was reportedly traveling north on South Main Avenue at about 12:45 p.m. His vehicle struck an oncoming vehicle driven by 73-year-old Irene Kessel, pushing it off the roadway, Lee said.

Lee said Dickinson Volunteer Fire Department and Dickinson Rural Fire Department had to remove the door of Kessel's vehicle to get her out.

She and 81-year-old George Kessel were taken by ambulance to St. Joseph's Hospital.

It is unclear what caused the crash, but Lee said Jahner may have had a medical condition that contributed to the incident.

"His truck travelled another two blocks, into the Dan's Body Shop parking lot, striking another three vehicles," Lee said, adding the three vehicles were unoccupied.

Jahner was also transported by ambulance to the hospital.

Damage totals have not been determined, but Lee said Kessel's vehicles appeared to be totaled, Jahner's vehicle had "severe" damage and "moderate" damage was done to the three vehicles in the parking lot.

A hospital spokesperson said all three who were injured in the crash were treated and released Friday.