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Power outage

Issues with a transmission line left communities in southwestern North Dakota including Mott, New England and Regent without power Tuesday night.

Jack Zettel, the electric superintendent with Montana-Dakota Utilities, said the power was out from 9:40 p.m. until around midnight.

Crews were deployed as soon as the power went out to fix the issue and determine its cause.

"Weather conditions last night didn't allow us to find the cause right away, but employees were mobilized to get the power rerouted pretty quickly," Zettel said. "They found some minor damage to one of the structures, causing a brace to fall on to the line."

In the meantime power was rerouted from the transmission line to reenergize the towns without power, Zettel said.

There were also reports that power was also out in Hettinger and Bowman during the same time period, but Zettel said after looking into it there were no issues.

"They may have saw a blip when the line went out, but they didn't have an outage," Zettel said.

Zettel said the transmission line would be fixed by Wednesday afternoon and once again rerouted through the line by the end of the day.