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TV thieves plead guilty

Jordan Kessel, 20, of Dickinson, pleaded guilty Wednesday to two criminal conspiracy charges -- one for burglary and one for theft. Matthew Kubik, 21, of Dickinson pleaded guilty to identical charges Tuesday.

Charges were filed against Kubik and Kessel in September, after the Prairie Hills Mall was burglarized. They stole four flat screen TVs worth about $10,000 from Blue Hawk Audio and Video.

Kubik's mother manages Prairie Hills Mall, where the burglary took place, but it was not determined how they entered.

As part of their plea agreements, two charges -- a theft and a burglary charge --were dismissed in each case.

If the men comply with conditions set by the court, including four years of supervised probation, they will spend six months at the Southwest Multi County Correction Center.

Since the TVs were returned to Blue Hawk, Kubik and Kessel did not have to pay restitution. They will each pay $775 in court fees.

Kubik will have until Dec. 31, 2010 to serve six months, but must serve at least 48 hours at a time.

"Mr. Kubik in a separate incident has incurred some injuries in an accident for which he has surgeries that are coming forth," said Rhonda Ehlis, assistant Stark County state's attorney. "He's going to be incurring at least three, if not four surgeries this coming year which would severely limit his ability to do jail time."

"I wouldn't count on getting an extension," Judge William Herauf said at Kubik's hearing.

Kessel must serve his time within a year and also must serve in at least 48-hour increments. Both men will be considered for work release.

The judge granted a request by Gary Ramsey, Kubik's attorney, to hold off on probation until Kubik returns from a vacation next week.

Kessel must report to probation within 24 hours of his plea hearing.

Ramsey and Kessel's attorney Jay Greenwood declined comment.