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Letter: Clearing up misinformation about HPCC donation

In January there was a letter to the editor of the Killdeer paper that included the same misinformation that was printed in the letter to the editor in the Dickinson paper last week.

The comments were in regard to the donation made by Consolidated to the High Plains Cultural Center. On Jan. 16, I shared the facts in the Killdeer paper about this donation and I will again share these same facts.

The president of the Board of Directors for Consolidated is Terrald Bang who has served our members very well for many years. When the request for a donation came before the Board of Directors by the High Plains Cultural Center, Terrald abstained from voting. The remaining six directors unanimously approved a donation to support this project. His actions were conducted professionally and appropriately.

Consolidated has a long history of supporting the communities we serve. Whether it is the West River Community Center in Dickinson, West River Health Center in Hettinger, the Southwest Health Center in Bowman, the Manning Community Center and the list goes on and on. We believe in doing what we can to make our communities a great place to live.

For a second time, a simple phone call to my office would have provided the facts.

Rhonda Dukart, Dickinson, Consolidated Telcom public relations manager