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Letter: City crews do good job taking care of streets

When you're out there slipping, bouncing and trudging upon the city streets these days, it is difficult to really appreciate the efforts of the Dickinson Street Department to at least make the roadways passable to accommodate our daily ventures.

Given the type of winter that we see only on occasion, it is easy to get frustrated for not having the public conveyances that we're all used to.

It is interesting to observe the dynamics and dimensions that the city's street superintendent, his small crew and the heavy equipment contractors have to deal with at all hours of the day. If we could just grasp a small portion of what actually takes place, I think we would come to appreciate the extensive level of service that we are receiving, all within the constraints of a limited budget.

Ken Kussy and his department have responded well considering the challenging forces of nature that we in North Dakota all experience. Realistically, we're not going to have perfect street clearings nor the degree of individual attention that deem to be ours. It's a rough winter, period. And I think that we can all be somewhat thankful for the pragmatic response that the city has given to this seasonal situation.

Rod Landblom, Dickinson