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Drilling planned for diesel cleanup

MANDAN (AP) -- Mandan officials say crews will drill at an angle to avoid tearing up Main Street while cleaning up a diesel spill.

The spill under the city was discovered in 1984, and some estimate it may have totaled as much as 4 million gallons.

A spokesman for the company cleaning up the diesel, Ken Kytta, says nearly 1.5 million pounds of contaminated material has been removed so far, including methane.

Kytta says bids for the new directional wells will be due next month.

City administrator Jim Neubauer says 292 vertical wells already operate throughout the city to collect the diesel.

BNSF Railway in 2004 to pay more than $30 million in cash and real estate to the state and the city of Mandan to settle a lawsuit over the underground spill, though it did not admit liability.