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Terminal revealed

Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport is set for a facelift in the future.

Airport manager Matthew Remynse presented the Airport Authority with a preliminary drawing of the proposed expansion to the current terminal located south of Dickinson.

Board chairman Jon Frantsvog stressed the current drawing is just preliminary and changes can be made in the future.

"This is not the final arrangement. It does not have to be. If we fall in love with it, it can be. If not, it can be modified," Frantsvog said.

The total estimated cost of the expansion is $2.06 million, which includes hard and soft costs related to the project. It would include remodeling 3,610 square feet of existing space and adding on an additional 5,345 square feet (See schematic on Page A3).

A local commitment of $512,000 is expected for the project, according to current estimates provided by the board.

Frantsvog said it is now important for the Airport Authority to go after what funding it can to make the project a possibility.

"We wanted to get the full authority attuned to this because we will be coming to you at some point to see if we should further engage the architect," Frantsvog said. "This, in my mind is what we engaged the architect to do in the first go-round.

The project's financial commitment has the potential to affect other future capital projects if it goes forward as the board plans.

Capital projects that could potentially be delayed are an expansion to the snow removal building in 2011-2012 and a runway project in 2012-2013, Remynse said, adding that state-apportionment funds could possibly be available for those two projects.

However, if the airport is able to reach ten thousand enplanements in a year in 2009 it would be looking at an additional $1 million in federal funding.

Frantsvog said the improvements to the terminal can only be beneficial in the long run.

"We've always talked about we have to have great front doors to Dickinson and wanting to continue to reflect that," Frantsvog said.

In other business the board approved a resolution urging the Dickinson City Commission to appoint City Engineer Shawn Soehren to the Airport Authority following the vacating of Charles Krug's seat, who resigned in January.

Krug was first appointed in 1991 and served on the board for 19 years.