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Stand back, it's spring break

Press Photo by Beth Wischmeyer Dickinson State University students talk at Woods Hall Friday. Left to right, Alex Gates, Leah Jenson and Rachel Cross. Gates said she will be staying in Dickinson, while Jenson and Cross will be traveling to Sioux Falls, S.D.

Of the approximate 600 students that reside at Dickinson State University, close to 300 of them will remain on campus free of charge for spring break. However, there may be a cost to stay next year.

DSU's spring break begins Monday, with classes resuming the following Monday, March 23.

When students stay on campus over breaks, additional services must be provided which makes the university's costs go up, said Hal Haynes, vice president for student development.

"The numbers have grown substantially over the past several years," he said of those staying. "So much so, that I would guestimate that we are hitting very close to half of our residential population that is staying on the breaks."

Students who stay on campus during the summer pay $10 a night, which Haynes said might be a jumping off point when looking at possible charges for stays.

Food service will not be available over spring break, though the library will be open with limited hours, with the exception of Tuesday. The student center's hours will remain the same, Haynes said.

Students who do choose to stay on campus must register with the university, and cite why they need to stay, what dates they will be staying and what they'll be doing over the break, Haynes said. Many students work in town, stay to work on an academic project, are on a spring sports team or can't afford to go home, he said.

Craig Steve, manager of All American Travel in Dickinson, said a usual number of students booked trips to standard spring break places such as Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Many chartered out of Minneapolis, he said. "...those types of destinations where charter operations are cheaper out of Minneapolis," he said.

Not all will be heading to exotic destinations. DSU students Leah Jenson and Rachel Cross said they'll be going to Sioux Falls, S.D. Jenson said her mother has friends there.

"We'll stay in a nice hotel, eat at some nice restaurants and do some shopping," Jenson said. "That's about it."

Student Alex Gates said she won't be straying very far from Dickinson, as she wants to work through break.

"I might take the occasional road trip," Gates said. "I'll probably go wherever the road may take me."