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Ice and snow melting causing big problems, potholes

Dickinson residents driving around town, since the ice and snow have started to melt, may notice a few differences since last fall when the snow started to fall.

The roads are a little bumpier.

The harsh winter has caused roads throughout the city to be riddled with potholes.

"Whenever you have wet, cold and snow, you're going to have more potholes, there's no doubt about that," Dickinson Public Works Manager for Streets, Ken Kussy said.

Third Avenue West, which is a main artery through town, has several dozen potholes and Kussy said the main thoroughfares will be taken care of first because they are the most heavily used.

There were attempts to patch up potholes earlier in the year, but the constant moisture has made it difficult, Kussy said.

The majority of the potholes are on streets that were supposed to be fixed over the past couple of years but funding was not available.

"Most of it's on pavement that was supposed to be done a year or two ago, but the federal dollars didn't go as far as they should," Kussy said, adding that all of the potholes will be fixed as soon as weather permits.

There could be a slowdown in traffic, but Kussy said potholes usually don't take long to fix and they will likely only need to shut down one lane of traffic in most places because the potholes are located at seams in the street.

In the meantime, Kussy said it is important the public keeps the city updated on where the potholes are located.

"If the public knows where there's some really bad ones, let us know so we can get on those right away because we've got 130 miles of street to check," Kussy said.