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Letter: Small-town pharmacists have what consumers need

In regards to the letter to the editor on March 11, HB 1440 doesn't protect the pharmacist and give them the right to overcharge on prescriptions.

I am so tired of uninformed critics attacking this bill and complaining about it being defeated. Enough is enough, do your research look at all the facts like keeping your money local -- allowing your friends and neighbors to be independent small business owners that still thrive in our community, supporting our local schools, clubs and community events.

When you walk through the door at your pharmacy, the pharmacist knows your name and what you need. When you need a prescription filled after hours you can call them at home and they open their store so you can have your prescription filled and don't have to wait until the next business day. Most of the pharmacies here in town deliver for free and mail out as well. These are not qualities that you will find at chain stores.

The only thing that you are hearing about is how this law is outdated, that North Dakota doesn't allow cheap prescriptions in our state. For those people who took the time to do their research you would know that it's actually just as cheap if not cheaper in North Dakota, this I know for fact since I moved here from out of state and was shocked when my prescription was a lot cheaper!

The $4 prescriptions look great, but our local pharmacies sell them for just as cheap, if not cheaper. It's also not for every drug; most of them are for older generics that aren't even used anymore. If it's not the prescription you're on that is $4, what good does it do you? Is this bill actually beneficial to our states economy? Is this really protecting the pharmacy profession?

Audra Shade, Dickinson