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Courtesy Photo This photo, taken by Loretta Wanner, shows an unoccupied mobile home, camper and SUV that were flooded by the Little Missouri River near Watford City on Wednesday morning.1 / 3
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Area rivers are overflowing and continuing to cause issues for nearby residents, especially between Grassy Butte and Watford City. The Little Missouri River rose halfway up an unoccupied trailer home, SUV and camper near Watford City Wednesday morning.

The McKenzie County Sheriff's Department reported no emergencies occurred due to the ice jams and flooding on Wednesday. However, the water did wreak havoc on the property of those who live near the river by the Long X Bridge.

Terry Watson, whose farm sits halfway between Grassy Butte and Watford City, said people nearby have had horses stranded, tractors flooded and other property damaged.

"There's ice going down the river and it's taking out fences," Watson said.

He has a fence along the Little Missouri that stretches about two miles that has been torn down by the river. He said most of the fences along the river have been damaged, but it's too soon to tell how much money it will cost to fix them.

"There's no way to know until the water goes down," Watson said.

Kevin Wanner, who lives near Belfield, said he had to go two hours out of his way Tuesday evening to get around a flooded road east of Theodore Roosevelt National Park North Unit.

Wanner drives truck for Missouri Basin Well Service of Belfield and travels the road daily. He said it was still flooded Wednesday morning.

"I've been out here 15 years and I've hunted out here for 30 years and I've never seen the river like this," Wanner said.

The National Weather Service issued flood advisories for Stark, Dunn, Hettinger and Morton Counties effective until 4 p.m. today. Stark County is under a flood warning until 9:45 p.m.

The Heart River has been causing flooding in the South Heart area and Kirby Robb, golf professional at the Pheasant Country Golf Course, said the golf course is flooded. He doesn't believe it will cause any major damage.

"We're hoping it will recede pretty quickly," Robb said.

He added there is a lot of water north of South Heart, but he isn't aware of any major issues caused by the flooding.

Stark County Emergency Manager Gary Kostelecky said he had not received any reports of homes that were flooded in the area Wednesday. However, he is concerned about how the Dickinson area will be affected when more water and ice from the Heart and Green Rivers makes it downstream.

"Water is starting to flow into Dickinson. The water level in the Dickinson Dam is up four feet so far, but it was seven feet down for repair," Kostelecky said.

He expected the majority of the ice and water to hit Dickinson by last night or this morning.

Stark County Road Superintendent Al Heiser said six Stark County roads were closed near South Heart, Dickinson and Belfield on Tuesday and Wednesday since water was flowing over them.

"We have a lot of culverts frozen up too," Heiser said, adding the Stark County Road Department has gotten water flowing through most of them.

The road crew was also busy Wednesday taking care of a major ice jam on Antelope Creek south of Gladstone. Heiser said large chunks of ice were flowing down the river and the road crew was working to prevent flooding in the area.

"At some places that ice is over two and a half feet thick," Heiser said.

Kostelecky added there are quite a few farmers nearby who would be affected if that river overflowed.

He said Stark County residents have been stocking up on sandbags. The city of Dickinson has run out, so Dickinson residents can go to the Stark County Shop for sandbags.

The shop is located at 52 30th Avenue West. Residents must fill their own sandbags and can fill up to 50 without being charged.

43rd Street (Southeast of Dickinson) is closed in two places -- east and west of 106 Avenue.

43rd Street (South of South Heart) is closed west of 126th Avenue.

38th Street (west of South Heart) is closed west of 122nd Avenue

39th street (near Belfield) is closed about a half a mile east of Highway 85.

State Avenue is closed at the intersection of 21st Street.

Livestock lane, which is south of the stockyards in Dickinson is closed.

107th Avenue (northeast of Dickinson) is closed North of 32nd Street.

-information provided by Al Heiser, Stark County road superintendent.