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Interstate 94 closed between Bismarck, Dickinson

North Dakota officials have closed Interstate 94 between Bismarck and Dickinson due to heavy snow and strong winds.

Officials have advised no travel in the central and southwestern parts of the state as a spring blizzard makes its way through.

The National Weather Service reports wind gusts around 35 mph in much of western North Dakota with a 55 mph gust in Hettinger, in the southwestern part of the state, about 2 a.m.

Highway Patrol Capt. Eric Pederson says snowplows could not make any progress on the interstate because their operators could not see the road.

Pederson said he has not seen a lot of traffic on the roads. With flooding in the eastern part of the state and blizzard conditions in the west, he said, "a lot people are just watching their own houses and staying home."