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Letter: More thought should be put into street projects

I hope everyone in Belfield has read Resolution No. 03-09-09 "Declaring street improvements necessary" in the Dickinson Press issue of March 12 and 19. I found these articles particularly disturbing because it seems to me that the council is trying to get what they want through underhanded tactics and secrecy. This does not seem right. My reasons for this are:

1. I have never heard of what has been going on until I received a copy of it on Friday, March 20 from an informed party even though I have lived is this town pretty much all of my life. I do not subscribe to The Dickinson Press and do not read the paper on a daily basis.

2. There has been no public discussion on the impact to the citizens directly involved in these decisions.

3. How much is this going to cost each of the citizens directly involved?

4. What work is being done, and how much is the total bill going to be for this project?

5. Is the entire city going to have street improvements or just a selected few?

6. This country is in the worst shape since the Great Depression and the City Council wants to tax us at a time of uncertainty and doubt. I understand that every year the price gets higher, but can we afford these improvements at this time? Many of the people involved in the tax hikes are on fixed incomes. Has the City Council thought about their situation and how they are supposed to come up with this amount of money every year?

In closing, I am very disturbed by what I have read and heard from many people involved. If you are not sure of what is going on or if you oppose what is going on, I encourage you to get a legal description of your property and send a letter to the Belfield city auditor opposing this resolution. You must have this information at the city auditor by April 12 even though the meeting is not until April 15. I would also like to say that the people of Belfield are not stupid, and City Council members would be wise to keep their constituents informed on the issues they find important on their agendas.

We voted you into your positions, and we can also vote you out of those positions.

Lisa Iverson,