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BAC bids about half a million

The Badlands Activities Center committee at Dickinson State University has two bids to consider for the construction of the synthetic track for the new stadium.

When the bids were opened at the committee's meeting Thursday, Hellas Construction of Austin, Texas, and Beynon Sports Surfacing, Inc. of Hunt Valley, Md., submitted qualifying bids for the construction contract.

Bids were requested for 13-millimeter full pour, 10-millimeter full pour and sandwich system track surfaces.

The difference between the three surfaces are based on how they adhere to the foundation and what needs to be done to replace the track.

"The advantage of the full pour is that they are easier to resurface," said Project Manager Casey Jackson with Mortenson Construction of Minneapolis. "It's easier to resurface a full pour than the sandwich system."

Hellas Construction's bid came in at $475,200 for the 10 mm full pour and $417,200 for the sandwich system.

Beynon Sports Surfacing, Inc. submitted bids for $521,500 for the 13 mm full pour, $421,800 for the 10 mm full pour and $421,800 for the sandwich system.

All five of the quotes came in below the projected budget for the project.

"Basically with the 10 mm you can't hold Olympics trials," Jackson said. "But of course it meets all the other NCAA regulations."

The committee discussed the possibility of pushing back the deadline for Bid Package No. 4 -- which is still open and includes the facilities enclosures -- because contractors in Bismarck and the Red River Valley faced with flooding over the past couple weeks may not have had enough time to review the necessary documents.

The current deadline is April 9, but could be pushed back a week or two the committee determined.

The $16 million BAC will replace Whitney Stadium, which is currently undergoing demolition. If construction continues as scheduled the primary construction will be completed in time for the start of the football season this fall.

Final completion of the project is scheduled for early 2010.