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Digging out takes days

Press Photo by Ashley Martin Sandy Klein stands next to a wall of snow on a country road by her home near Lefor Wednesday. She was blocked in by snow for three days after the last blizzard pounded the area.

Over the last two weeks Sandy Klein has spent a lot of time at home. She didn't really have a choice.

Deep drifts from Sunday's blizzard kept her blocked in at her farm near Lefor until Wednesday. That's when county plows finished clearing the 930 miles of road it takes care of.

She also spent Tuesday through Thursday last week stuck at home due to the snow unable to leave.

The mail truck has had trouble too and she hasn't received mail all week.

Al Heiser, Stark County road superintendant said his crew made sure every county road was plowed by Wednesday. He added the county had to hire extra manpower for the last two storms to get all the plowing done.

"I've been with the county for five years and this is the first time we've had to hire for additional snow plowing in that five years," Heiser said. "There's some places now where it took us two hours to go half a mile because it's really tough."

Heiser said the road crew plows about 30 subdivisions and 930 miles of road.

"I try to send a plow in every direction so we're opening up equally throughout the whole county," Heiser said. "A lot of the main feeder roads around Dickinson -- we try to get them opened up first."

He added the road crew tries to get out to the subdivisions as soon as possible.

He said it's been slow going in many areas but he hasn't heard many complaints.

"I think people are having patience, but I think the winter is wearing on people, too," Heiser said.

Klein said her neighbors have been working together to help dig each other out.

"What's nice is there's a lot of neighbors with loader tractors," Klein said.

She grew up on the farm she is now living at and can't remember ever being snowed in for as long as she has been during the last two weeks.