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Roads a concern after flooding

Press Photo by Ashley Martin Three Stark County roads are closed due to flood damage.

Floodwater has receded in the area, but some are still dealing with the aftermath, including damaged roads.

"What we're dealing with is an extremely large number of roads, culverts and things that have washed out and need to be repaired," said Denise Brew, Dunn County emergency manager.

She added while some roads were closed due to flooding, all roads in the county are now open. She said there are at least 12 roads that will need repairs.

"From now until when the storms are done and runoff is complete, we are suspecting there will be a greater number," Brew said. "We just can't tell right now because there's snow on a lot of them."

Gary Kostelecky, Stark County emergency manager, said there are still three roads that are closed in the county -- areas of 85th Avenue Southwest, Eighth Avenue Southeast and 40th Street Southwest. He said those areas are blocked to make sure no further damage occurs.

"We've got about six areas that have had some water run over the road and we have to do some minor repair out there, but we did not get hit with any major damage out there," Kostelecky said, adding the roads will be repaired when the snow melts. "It's actually better than I expected."

Troy Mosbrucker, Mott mayor, said about seven basements flooded in town last month. However roads and other structures, for the most part, were not damaged.

"We've got some minor washouts," Mosbrucker said, adding road damage is minimal. "We're just basically in cleanup mode now."

Neither Kostelecky nor Brew know how much repairs will cost.

No residents in Stark or Dunn counties reported flood damage to their home and no bridges were lost, the emergency managers said.

Brew and Kostelecky agree snow the last blizzard dropped should not cause rivers to overflow.

"With the river flowing smoothly and the ice out, I believe we're going to be able to handle most of the snow melt," Kostelecky said.

However, Brew and Kostelecky are concerned what snowmelt will do to roads.

"Right now we're dealing with a lot of soft roads," Brew said. "We can't do any repair work until the roads firm up a little bit."

Kostelecky said Stark County is dealing with similar problems of roads damaged by water and torn up by vehicles.

"The road department is going to be out there and trying to blade those areas as soon as they possibly can," Kostelecky said. "Should there be areas that need any additional gravel, they'll take care of it at that point."

While Billings County experienced flooding from the Little Missouri River, emergency management there reports minor damage.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency did preliminary damage assessments in Adams, Billings, Hettinger and Morton counties Friday. The teams will be assessing damage in other flood-affected communities into next week.