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Board approves fairground design

Courtesy Graphic Shown is a design concept for the Stark County Fairgrounds which was accepted by the Stark County Fair Association at their meeting on Tuesday. The concept features such designs as an arboretum with a bike trail, 4-H building, rodeo corral, community building and a multiple-use facility.

During Tuesday's regular meeting of the Stark County Fair Association, a design concept for the fairgrounds was accepted unanimously by board members.

The design features 14 items in three phases to be placed on about 56 acres of land west of Dickinson.

Gary Satern, planner for the project, presented the design at the meeting, stating at this point, the project shouldn't control the budget; the budget should control the project.

"We've got to approve the 14 items, phase one through three, and in order to get rock-solid bids we've got to approve the building and various items along with phases one, two and three," Satern said. "We've got to put our minds to what we're going to try to complete."

The board also discussed continuing to seek legal counsel regarding construction of a building on the fairgrounds through a joint powers agreement with the Soil Conservation District.

"I visited with the soil district before the first blizzard and they asked where we were at," said fair board Chairperson Kurt Froelich. "They're waiting to start that discussion."

A pledge to contribute a fair and reasonable amount of money to the project by the fair association was also voted on and approved unanimously.

"If you walk into somebody's office and they say well, what has the fair board pledged in real money and you say, well, they haven't, well then ..." Satern said. "It doesn't mean you're writing the check, it's just a pledge of commitment."

The board opted to wait to make a dollar or percentage amount pledge until definitive numbers on costs for the fairground are available.

Froelich said that any recommendations by the public on possible names for the fairgrounds are welcome.

In other matters, the board voted on a new member, LaVae Benson.

The next meeting for the fair board is scheduled for April 27.