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Letter: Homosexuals in need of salvation, not equality

I am Christian, my creed is Jesus Christ. I am responding to the letter to the editor, "Time to update views about gays, lesbians" by Colleen McKirdy, April 7. I have two goals in mind: One is to challenge the content of that letter and two is to express my viewpoints on the issue of homosexuality.

First, in her second paragraph she states, "a portion of our population deals with discrimination because of their sexual orientation." I understand the "our" to refer to North Dakota. You may be right, but I have a hard time believing it. Do you have any authority for saying that? If you do I would be interested in hearing where you got that information.

Next you state, "is being gay a choice? Certainly not. Scientific studies have shown that sexual orientation is innate." That is red herring.

Natural inclination does not dictate moral acceptability. People are born sinners, yet God finds fault when they sin. Morel standards are not based on our capacity to keep them.

Next you state (I'm paraphrasing so if I am mischaracterizing, I apologize) that our country has overcome "outdated viewpoints before -- women's rights, slavery and so on. Again, a red herring. In no way does the fact that this country has changed its moral views on other issues support the idea that we should change them concerning this.

Lastly, I take offense of your broadstroking anyone who is not pro-gay rights (it also seems you're implying approval of homosexuality) as a person who would consider them "deviants unworthy of protection by the law."

Part two: I love homosexual persons and I want them to know that Jesus died for their homosexuality, for their lying, stealing -- all their sins. But as long as they deny that they are sinners deserving of Hell, they will deny Christ. That's what's at stake. And I am bewildered that a pastor's wife seems primarily concerned about discrimination, and not their eternal destination. They need salvation, not equality. They need forgiveness, not understanding. And so does anyone who treats them like second-class citizens. God hates when people discriminate against homosexuals and God hates homosexuality, and Jesus died for both.

David Hegstad, Dickinson