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Texas man charged with murder

Authorities have charged a Texas man with murder and another man is in custody in connection with the shooting death of a Dickinson man.

Officers found the body of Neal Matejovsky, 49, Friday in Dunn County.

Alabama authorities arrested 39-year-old Shane Patrick Miller early Saturday in Gulf Shores, Ala., and charged him with murder, said Dunn County State's Attorney Ross Sundeen.

Sundeen believes Miller was in North Dakota for less than a month and is unsure why he was here.

Authorities arrested Benjamin Orf on Friday in Stark County. He is charged for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

"To what extent this person is exactly connected to this shooting is unclear," said Jim Hope, assistant Stark County state's attorney.

Hope would not release any other information, including Orf's age or address, Monday evening.

Miller is incarcerated in Alabama, but Sundeen expects he will be taken to Dickinson's Southwest Multi County Correction Center by the end of the month.

"I don't anticipate any additional charges at this point, but I'm not ruling that out," Sundeen said of Miller.

He declined to comment about what, if any, relationship existed between Miller and Matejovsky.

It is unclear what Miller's address is.

"It appears to me that he was a resident of Texas and he came to North Dakota, but I don't know if that was with the intent of establishing a residence here, or if he was just here temporarily," Sundeen said, adding he is not sure why Miller was in Alabama. "I don't know if he was just passing through or what his status was."

Sundeen said he believes Matejovsky was killed at the scene of the crime, which was on a section line eight miles east of Highway 22, near the Stark County and Dunn County border.

An autopsy, performed Monday morning, should supply more answers, such as how many times Matejovsky was shot.

Sundeen added he believes Matejovsky was killed on March 26, but would not elaborate. He expects additional arrests will be made.

Stark County Sheriff Clarence Tuhy said his department has not made any arrests. Dunn County Sheriff Larry Boepple would not comment.

Authorities with the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation, which is investigating the matter, also would not comment.