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Street improvement project not going forward

BELFIELD -- A proposed $900,000 street improvement project will not be taking place this year.

It was announced that due to 60 percent of the residents in the project area protesting, the project would be killed, at a special meeting of the Belfield City Council Wednesday night.

At a meeting earlier this month, it was announced that protest letters would be taken until April 15, and if 50.1 percent of residents protested the project, it would not go forth.

The project area would have affected about 230 households.

Costs for the proposed project would have fallen to those residents living within the project area through an annual special assessment. This caused some disagreement among residents who felt others, who lived outside the project area, should help pay.

Belfield Mayor Leo Schneider said he wishes the outcome would have been different.

"In a sense I am a little disappointed," Schneider said. "It needs to be done somewhere, but maybe we didn't divide up the cost properly, and maybe the city should provide some funding."

Overall, Schneider said the protest letters all had the same message.

"They all said 'we want our streets fixed but we can't afford it,'" Scheinder said.

Smaller street projects, such as improving the curbing, are still going to take place around town this summer, he added.

"We'll work on fixing the streets," Schneider said. "Maybe we'll try it again (later)."