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After prom festivities planned

To keep area kids safe and to provide them with something to do after prom, some students will be participating in after prom activities, which will range from games to a hypnotist.

In Dickinson, the Kiwanis Club, a local organization, will sponsor an after prom event for Dickinson and Trinity high schools.

"Our mission statement has to do with helping kids of the world," said Dorothy Schlabsz, chairperson for the event. "We know it's a high risk night for students. After the prom we don't want them out doing things that are inappropriate, getting into trouble or getting into accidents. That's kind of the purpose, to give them something constructive to do after the dance."

The club has been putting on an after prom event for about 23 years, she added.

The event will be held Saturday at the Berg Elementary School gym from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. The doors will close at midnight.

Games, food and a local hypnotist, Mike Wilkinson, will be a part of the night.

At the end of the evening, drawings will be held for items, including televisions, gift cards, but students must be present to win, Schlabsz said.

"We get between 250 and 300 students on average," Schlabsz said. "Without the local merchants this couldn't happen, they give money; contribute food and what have you."

About $3,000 to $5,000 is expected in contributions, she said, along with a group of volunteers to help with the night.

"I think the kids really enjoy it and we've gotten some good comments," Schlabsz said. "There is always going to be those that don't attend and want to do their own thing, but we look at it this way, if we can keep 40 or 50 percent of them from doing something inappropriate, then it's well worth the cause."

South Heart High School will also be providing after prom activities Saturday, hosted by parents of the students.

Shelia Hlibichuck, South Heart High School junior class advisor, said games, food and prizes will also be given out at their after prom event, which will be held in the gymnasium from midnight till 3 a.m.

Many parents contribute their time and effort into making snacks for after prom attendants and helping with the activities, she added.