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Man pistol whipped in Dickinson

A 30-year-old Belfield man suffered a minor head injury after he was pistol whipped during an argument in Dickinson Wednesday morning, according to the Dickinson Police Department. The argument, which took place on Sims Street, reportedly involved eight to 10 people.

Damon Treloar told authorities he was struck in the head with the butt of a handgun. Authorities were also told a man pointed the gun and threatened to kill the people who were arguing outside his residence in Dickinson.

Ben Zylkowski, 25, of Dickinson, was arrested for terrorizing and for possessing marijuana paraphernalia.

He is charged for marijuana paraphernalia and possession of the drug, but he was not charged for terrorizing, Stark County Assistant State's Attorney Jim Hope said. More charges are possible.

"I'm trying to put his actions into context of the whole episode and I haven't come to any firm conclusions yet," Hope said. "This was apparently quite a commotion out in the street."

A witness told authorities another male at the altercation may have taken the gun away from Zylkowski and struck Treloar with it, according to the police report.

Zylkowski told authorities he took his gun outside "to protect his property," and he "may have" pointed the gun at the people outside and "may have" struck someone with it.

A .40 caliber Smith and Wesson gun was found in Zylkowski's home.

Treloar declined medical treatment for his injury.