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Pool drains to be replaced every 5 years

Pool drain covers cost thousands and new ones must be installed at the West River Community Center every five years, according to the Dickinson Park Board.

They weren't aware of the federal law until recently, members said at Friday's Dickinson Park Board meeting.

"There's really no choice," Park Board President Mike Lefor said of changing the covers. "The federal law won't continue to let you operate without the drains."

The drains will be replaced during the WRCC's annual weeklong shut down. If the shut down will be at the end of August as usual has not been determined.

Covers at the WRCC will cost $16,000 plus labor, said James Kramer, Parks and Recreation director.

It would cost at least $50,000 to replace the drains at the North Pool so it will not open this summer, members say. Park Board members have not decided if it will be open next summer.

"If your pool is not open, you have to have it up to code before you do open it up to the public," Kramer said, adding pools that are already open have more lenient restrictions. "As long as you can show that you are making progress and making an effort to get things replaced, then we're fine ... We're compliant in every way."