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Bond set at $1 million cash for alleged murderer

Judge Zane Anderson set bond at $1 million cash for a Texas man accused of murder during a hearing Monday.

Shane Patrick Miller, 39, is charged for shooting Neal Matejovsky, 49, of Dickinson. Matejovsky's body was found in Dunn County on April 10.

"In the event he is able to post bond we still view Mr. Miller as a tremendous flight risk," Dunn County State's Attorney Ross Sundeen said.

He added the nature of the crime and the weight of the evidence against Miller warrants the strict conditions of his release. Sundeen also said Miller would be a danger to the community if released.

Miller was arrested in Alabama earlier this month and was brought to Dickinson. He arrived Friday afternoon, Sundeen said.

Whether or not he makes bond, he is not to contact 19 people who are potential witnesses, including two of his sons, according to the court.

Miller, who appeared via video from the Southwest Multi County Correction Center, said one of the names on the no-contact list is his fiancee. He asked why he couldn't contact her.

Miller made "intimidating contacts" with potential witnesses before his arrest, Sundeen said, adding the contact slowed the investigation.

"I'm concerned that if Mr. Miller is afforded the opportunity to have contact with any of these potential witnesses that he will do so in a threatening manner which will further impede law enforcement's ability to move forward," Sundeen said.

Miller insisted he be able to contact his fiancee.

"I have no reason to act in a threatening manner or anything like that with her," Miller said.

"I am going to prohibit any contact with her as well as the other 18 witnesses," Anderson said.

If Miller makes bond, he may not possess firearms or weapons, he can not leave Stark County, he must report daily to the Correction Center, seek employment and he must not use alcohol and drugs.

Miller is applying for a court-appointed attorney.

Sundeen said Miller has been convicted of charges in Texas, but was not aware of the nature of the crimes.

After the hearing, Sundeen said he has not received Matejovsky's autopsy results, but expects to have them later this week. He said the results should show where and how many times Matejovsky was shot.

Benjamin Orf, who was Matejovsky's stepson at one time, has also been arrested in connection to the shooting. However, the connection to the incident is unclear. He has been charged for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Orf was held at SWMCCC, but Stark County State's Attorney Tom Henning said he has been moved to a different facility. He along with Stark County Sheriff Clarence Tuhy would not say why or when Orf was moved. They also would not release his location.

Officials at Bismarck's correctional facility said Orf was not being held there.

Sundeen said no other arrests or charges have been filed on the matter.