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3 injured in high-speed chase

A high-speed chase which began in South Dakota left three people injured in Bowman County Wednesday morning, according to the North Dakota Highway Patrol.

Travis Peters, 30, from Belle Fourche, S.D., was involved in a pursuit with the Harding County Sheriff's Department, according to a press release from the Highway Patrol.

Peters reportedly entered North Dakota, continuing north on Highway 85 at a "high rate of speed."

The Bowman County Sheriff's Department responded and attempted to use a tire disabling device, but Peters drove off the road to avoid it, according to the release.

Peters then tried to drive his vehicle back onto the road, but overcorrected, causing his vehicle to strike two other vehicles before again driving off the road.

Jerome Losing, 30, from Bowman who was driving the first vehicle struck by Peters' vehicle was not injured. Steven Behrens, 58, who was driving the second vehicle Peters struck, and Hazel Behrens, 55, who was a passenger, were both injured. Both are from Hazen.

The Behrens were transported to Bowman Hospital and later to Bismarck to be treated for their injuries.

Peters was ejected from his vehicle and transported to Bowman Hospital. He was later taken to Rapid City to be treated for injuries. He was the only one involved in the crash who was not wearing a seat belt.

It is unclear why authorities were pursuing Peters.

"It's all an ongoing investigation," said Deputy Wyatt Sabo.

Sabo would not release any other information about the pursuit.

The Highway Patrol, Bowman Police Department and Bowman County ambulance responded to the incident.