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Reep named DPS assistant superintendent

Dickinson Public Schools, which hasn't had an assistant superintendent in 25 years, has recently re-established the position, naming DPS veteran Vince Reep.

Reep, who has been with Dickinson Public Schools for 33 years, began first as an instructor for grades five and six before being promoted to elementary principal of Roosevelt Elementary. During that time he accepted the position of director of personnel. More recently, Reep accepted the responsibilities of business manager, and administrator for buildings grounds.

More responsibilities taken on by Reep motivated the district to reinstate the position.

"He accepted some additional responsibilities this past year," said Dean Rummel, DPS school board president. "When I look at all the things he does, we decided to change his title to assistant superintendent because of all the responsibilities that he has and the many years that he has served Dickinson Public Schools."

Reep will not receive an additional pay raise with the new title, Rummel said.

As assistant superintendent, Reep will have all of his original responsibilities, but will all manage food services for the district and be the administrator for the 21st Century Learning grant for afterschool programs.

"I'm excited," Reep said. "I like new challenges and I like being busy and this will keep my plate full."

The last assistant superintendent and believed to be the first, was Gordon Paulson, who served in the position from June of 1967 until he retired in June of 1984, Reep said.

"I think they just kind of restructured things with the building principals taking more responsibilities," Reep said of the elimination of the position.

Rummel said Reep's promotion was warranted.

"He brings many talents to the table whether it be in negotiations or in the management of all our building, construction and remodeling projects or strictly as business manager," Rummel said. "Vince certainly has done a very fine job for Dickinson Public Schools and I think this is in appreciation for all of those responsibilities that he does have and does provide the school district."