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Toby Keith rolls into Rhame

Courtesy Photo County music star Toby Keith is seen in Rhame Tuesday afternoon.

It's not every day a celebrity stops in Rhame.

As residents tended to their business on Tuesday, country music star Toby Keith and his entourage unexpectedly rolled into town long enough for Keith to eat a bologna, lettuce and mayonnaise sandwich on white bread, drink a Miller Lite, stop at the SUPERVALU grocery store, get some gas and sign a few autographs.

Steve Pfau, owner of Rhame watering hole, the Waterhole, said no one recognized Keith when he strolled into the establishment and for a while, no one realized the man's identity.

"There was about 25 of 'em, on bikes," Pfau said. "He was wearing a doo rag and sunglasses and nobody paid any much attention. Eventually somebody did recognize him and word spread pretty fast."

Pfau said Keith "seemed just like a regular Joe."

Sheila Johnson, a Rhame resident, said Keith and his crew stopped at the local Cenex to get gas and she was able to have her picture taken with the star.

"I thought a friend was lying to me when she said he was actually in town," Johnson said. "You wouldn't expect something like that happening around here."

Several residents said Keith was an extremely gentle and kind man.

Killdeer resident John Truchan said he was near Bowman when his boss called to inform him of Keith's presence in Rhame. Truchan then drove to the Waterhole bar where he too chatted with Keith and received a few autographs.

"I think he said they hit North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana," Truchan said. "He said he was going to four states and having four beers."

Keith's publicist, Elaine Shock, said he was unavailable for comment Wednesday.

"It makes sense he might have passed through the town," Shock said in an e-mail Wednesday evening. "I am glad the residents enjoyed it. Toby is so great to his fans."