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Party gets out of hand, 2 in jail

A house-party on the south side of Dickinson turned into a car-ramming, window-breaking fest early Saturday morning and two Texas residents have been arrested.

"We had information there was possibly a gun involved," said Dickinson Police Sgt. Dustin Dassinger. "It's still under investigation."

Homeowner Mike Brown, originally of Seattle, said his girlfriend, Naree Hauck, was at a local watering hole with friends celebrating her birthday when one of Hauck's friends invited a man to an after-bar party at Brown and Hauck's home.

The man then invited three of his friends and that's when things turned sour, Brown said.

"They said they were taking over the party, they were talking about (sexually assaulting) the women," Brown said. "They kicked one of the bathroom doors in to get to one of the girls. They came at me with a shovel ... they came at a few other guys with a shovel."

Raymond Hinson, 30, was arrested on charges of driving under the influence and reckless endangerment. Juan Salazar, 39, was arrested on charges of criminal mischief. Both men are being held at the Southwest Multi County Correction Center in Dickinson.

Brown said he believes the men were with a roofing company out of Texas.

"They were up here working but we weren't able to confirm exactly what company they are with at this time," Dassinger said.

Brown said the alleged owner of the roofing company, Ricardo Hinson, broke a window at his home. When a woman at the party then asked Hinson to leave, he became irate, Brown said.

"He grabbed her by the hair behind her neck, kissed her and threw her on the ground while her boyfriend was on the phone with police," Brown said.

Brown said the party-crashers beat his dogs and broke his car window as well as Hauck's window.

"They pulled into the driveway, hit my vehicle, broke my front bumper," Brown said. "They went one direction, sideswiped a car, drove a ways down the street, spun around, then drove directly at me to hit me."

Dassinger confirmed two vehicles were struck by the ramming vehicle, which was registered in Texas and two vehicles were vandalized.

The case is under investigation, Dassinger said.