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Dickinson post office receives 5-star customer service award

For its customer service abilities, the Dickinson post office was recently recognized with a five-star designation as part of the United States Postal Service's customer service program, a first for the post office, Dickinson Postmaster Gerard Bercier said.

The Dakotas District also received a five-star rating as part of the program individually. Dickinson was one of 15 post offices in South Dakota, North Dakota and Montana that received the award, said USPS spokesperson Pete Nowacki.

The Gallup Organization surveys USPS customers, asking them to rate local post offices on efficiency, accuracy of delivery, consistency of delivery and the time that customers are required to wait in line. Post offices that receive a significant increase in "excellent" ratings from one quarter to the next are recognized with the "5 Star Customer Service Award," according to a press release.

"They survey random customers, both business customers and residential," Nowacki said. "It's done quarterly."

Bercier said the employees are excited about the award and added it's always nice to be recognized by the customers.

"Delivering each piece accurately and timely is key; that's our main focus," Bercier said.

The holidays are usually an "all hands on deck" situation, Bercier said.

"We actually do step up our game, it's the time of the year where we really get inundated," Bercier said.

In dealing with snow, Bercier said it's appreciated when residents shovel their walks.

"That's (snow) is probably one of the hardest things on our delivery carriers," Bercier said. "It helps so much when people are diligent in cleaning their walks. It makes some of these carriers who walk 13 miles, it makes their day a lot shorter."

The post office employees about 38 people, Bercier added.

"It's our challenge everyday to get every piece delivered," Bercier said. "That's our motto: Every piece, everyday, and that's what we work really hard towards."