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Sign on the line to go to Central Time

Petition circulating for time zone change

By Ashley Martin

Petitions for those in favor of changing Stark County's time zone from Mountain to Central Daylight Time will be circulating this week.

Dickinson Commissioner Shirley Dukart will be distributing the petitions. People can pick them up at her Home and Land Company office, or she will e-mail them.

"This will only be for people that want the time change," she said. "If you don't want the time change, don't sign the petition."

Dukart began pursuing the time zone change after several people from the community expressed a want for it, she said.

The change would be "more convenient, more compatible and make us more productive," Dukart said. Coordinating events related to education, government, business and health care would be simpler, she added.

Jean Herauf of Dickinson said a time change may be undesirable in the winter.

"If we were on Central Time, we would be going to work in the dark," Herauf said.

Dukart wants the decision on the June ballot. Stark County commissioners don't need the petition but wanted it to get an idea of how many people are interested in the change.

"We have a minimum of four hours of lost time," Dukart said of working with neighbors to the east. "We lose the hour in the morning, two hours at lunch time because of our lunch and their lunch and then in the afternoon we're pretty much shut down from 3 o'clock on."

Wanda Schweiger of Dickinson doesn't want to see a change.

"I would vote against it," she said. "I like the way it is. I really do."

However, Herauf said she would happy if the entire state was on the same time zone, whether it was Central or Mountain. She agrees with Dukart about the four-hour time loss.

People from other counties have also expressed interest in changing time zones, Dukart said.

"We have 10 counties that can join in, that are still on Mountain Daylight," Dukart said. "I'm asking all the other counties to participate."

If those counties do not participate this year, it will be two years before they can try, she added.

To contact Dukart, call 701-483-6789 or 701-290-2283.