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Slick roads still plague residents

With recent temperature fluctuations and snow still lining some city streets, Dickinson drivers are experiencing sliding, accidents and stuck vehicles.

"I know along the edge of the roads we still have a lot of issues with snow," said City Engineer Shawn Soehren, who also oversees snow removal procedures. "We're still hauling snow out and will be for several days, if not weeks yet, in the cleanup process here."

Dickinson is comprised of 130 miles of city streets, 45 of which are considered priority during snow events.

Depending on the street, snow cleanup crews typically only work during the day, unless a priority street is of concern.

"Kind of like Fairway (Street) ... We came in at night and cleaned that one up," Soehren said.

At a Jan. 4 Dickinson City Commission meeting, Soehren said it takes about 32 hours of labor and six crews to make priority streets, such as State Avenue and Villard Street, accessible and passable.

The remaining 85 miles of non-priority streets take about 43 hours to open up, Soehren said.

The widening of priority streets then takes three crews and about 130 hours of work, adding an additional two days to the initial cleanup.

Lt. Rod Banyai of the Dickinson Police Department said the department is still receiving 911 phone calls from stuck motorists unsure of how to handle the situation.

"A lot of times it's elderly people," he said.

If the police department is not busy and vehicles are not severely stuck, Banyai said the police department will assist motorists in getting out of a sticky snow situation.

On Tuesday, the police department received two 911 calls from motorists requesting assistance for their vehicles being stuck in a snow bank.

Recent temperatures have created slushy streets and if temperatures drop, cleanup crews could be dealing with a whole new problem.

"Anytime you plow it over, that kind of puts it in a harder state, so to speak," Soehren said. "When it thaws like this and freezes back, you've got obviously ice issues to deal with."

Soehren said if temperatures cooperate, streets should be cleared within the next few days.