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Dakota Recreation Report

- May 1: Paddlefish season opens. Check North Dakota Game and Fish Department regulations for open areas.


- Saturday: Missouri River.


- Lake Sakakawea elevation, Wednesday: 1,838 feet above mean sea level; 10,000 cubic feet per second Garrison Dam average daily releases.

r NDGFD District Game Wardens: Catfish activity where the Heart River feeds into Lake Tschida. Lots of activity below the dam but still somewhat slow. Heart River producing some walleye success. Not much activity though ice is out on Lake Sakakawea and Lake Audubon. Missouri River tailrace remains fair but anglers having to work harder for success.

- Bismarck, Dakota Tackle, Missouri River/area lakes: Lots of activity on the Missouri River with anglers tournament pre-fishing.

- Dickinson, Andrus Outdoors, Lake Sakakawea/area lakes: Some anglers going to Mossett and McKenzie bays of Lake Sakakawea with a few small northern pike taken from shore. No boat fishing yet, although the lake is mostly open. Heart River continues producing small walleye. Camels Hump Dam good for trout with occasional bass mixed in. Walleye success remains fair to good below the dam at Bowman-Haley Dam. Lake Tschida slow.

- Dickinson, Runnings Farm & Fleet, Lake Sakakawea/area lakes: Bowman-Haley Dam good for nice-sized walleye from boat on the lake or below the spillway using variety of presentations. Lake Tschida remains slow with high elevations. Missouri River tailrace continues producing walleye. Nelson Lake good for bass using slip sinker rigs. Some activity along the Heart River south of Dickinson using slip bobbers.

- Glen Ullin, Fitterer's Inc., Lake Tschida: Lake is ice-free with some activity but limited success so far.

r Mandan, Southside MVP, Missouri River/area lakes: Water clearing on the Missouri River but walleye success is fair and limited so far.

- New Town, Van Hook Bait & Tackle, Lake Sakakawea: Ice is gone in the Van Hook Arm but little activity so far in the Arm. Some activity in the river portion of the lake north and south of the bridge with slow success.

- Pick City, Scott's Bait & Tackle, Lake Sakakawea/ Missouri River: Not much activity on Lake Sakakawea. Missouri River tailrace slowed so try down at the cable crossing. Wing walls slowed. Some northern pike activity in the tailrace from shore.

- Watford City, One-Stop, Lake Sakakawea: Good numbers of anglers at Tobacco Garden with some northern pike success from shore. Lake is open.

r Williston, Scenic Sports, Lake Sakakawea/Missouri River: Smelt run is on in the upper end of Lake Sakakawea. Fair walleye and sauger success on Lake Sakakawea as well as the Missouri River. Try Little Beaver, Lund's or Lewis and Clark on the lake.

River report

- Bear Den Creek, Mandaree: Streamflow, .13 cfs; river stage, 4.76 feet.

- Cannonball River, Regent: River stage, 3.18 feet.

- Green River, New Hradec: Streamflow, 1.5 cfs; river stage, 6.4 feet.

- Heart River, Richardton: Streamflow, 114; river stage, 5.84 feet.

- Knife River, Manning: Streamflow, 5.3 cfs; river stage, 6.77 feet.

- Little Missouri, Marmath: Streamflow, 366 cfs; river stage, 2.7 feet.

- Little Missouri, Medora: Streamflow, 376 cfs; river stage, 3.28 feet.

- Little Missouri, Long X: Streamflow, 189 cfs; river stage, 1.58 feet.

- Missouri River, Williston: River stage, 15.6 feet.

- Yellowstone River, Sidney, Mont.: Streamflow, 5,620 cfs; river stage, 4.42 feet.

Spring turkey season

- Southwest: Turkeys don't seem to be coming much to calls yet, although some reports of success.

Numbers to know

- NDGF main Bismarck office: 701-328-6300; Web site

- NDGF Dickinson office: 701-227-7431.

- Report poachers: 800-472-2121.

- U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Bismarck, Web site: