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Wings & Rings coming to Dickinson

Press Photo by Lisa Call An area near Burger King and the former Albertsons grocery store in north Dickinson shown Thursday evening will be the new home of Buffalo Wings & Rings. The planned 5,000-square-foot restaurant will feature arcade games, plasma-screen TVs with DirecTV and a menu including wings, salads and burgers.

Visitors and residents will soon have a new eatery to choose from.

Buffalo Wings & Rings announced Thursday morning it will soon open a location in Dickinson, along with the efforts of resident and franchisee Bill Patel.

Kamal Patel, Bill's wife, said while a specific opening date has yet to be determined, construction should begin soon.

Contrary to popular rumor, the restaurant will not be situated inside the former Albertsons grocery store on Third Avenue West in north Dickinson.

"It's going to be a building right behind Burger King," Kamal Patel said. "We're starting new construction."

Featuring a covered patio and an outdoor fireplace, the restaurant is slated to be about 5,000 square feet with about 200 seats, according to a press release.

"The comments when I was hearing about that it might be a possibility was that people were excited that it might be coming in," said Terri Thiel, executive director of the Dickinson Convention & Visitors Bureau.

The menu will feature traditional and boneless buffalo wings, hand-breaded chicken tenders -- both available in 10 sauces, each packing a different punch -- burgers, salads, gyros and homemade bleu cheese dressing, according to the release.

Several dozen high-definition plasma TVs with DirecTV service will feature sporting events, including an Ultimate Fighting Championship every few weeks, according to the release.

Arcade games tailored to all ages will also grace the space.

"I am really looking forward to providing Dickinson with an affordable, family-friendly dining option that also packs a fun punch," Bill Patel said in the release. "This is exactly the type of restaurant this community needs -- a place for family and friends to gather, eat great food and enjoy a variety of sports action."

Lexi Sebastian, executive director of the Dickinson Area Chamber of Commerce, said she thinks there will be some interest from other restaurants looking to open in the area.

"Especially for the amount of hotels that are going up, I think that kind of goes hand in hand," Sebastian said.