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Identity released in local fatality

More information was released Tuesday about a fatal accident that occurred in Dickinson on Monday.

George Olheiser, 82, owner of George's Tire in Dickinson, died after being struck by a pickup at the business, according to the North Dakota Highway Patrol.

"He was working around that area with a Bobcat before this happened," said NDHP Capt. Tony Huck.

However, Olheiser was reportedly on foot when he was struck.

The accident occurred as Alexander Simek, 19, was backing his pickup out of a garage at George's Tire, Huck said. Simek, who is an employee of the business, was not injured, he added.

"Somehow, George got behind the vehicle and it's uncertain if he was tapped by the vehicle, but somehow he did end up under the vehicle," Huck said. "Whether he was, you know, tapped by the vehicle and knocked over or whether he was on the ground or fell down or something or what the full circumstances are yet -- we're still working on that."

Simek did not see Olheiser behind him, Huck said.

"It sounded like the driver noticed that he bumped into something, then he stopped and went forward," Huck said. "At this point it appears to be an accident, yes."

Olheiser was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital in Dickinson, but his injuries were fatal, Huck said.

Larry Olheiser, George Olheiser's son, said the incident may have stemmed from a health issue.

"We thought he wasn't feeling very well, so we're kind of tying that into it -- that something happened health-wise," Olheiser said.

He added the family is shaken up, but doesn't believe Simek could have prevented it.

"It was an accident, plain and simple," Olheiser said. "It was not his fault."

No charges have been filed in the case and Huck is unsure whether any will be.