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Volunteers take on Medora recycling

A group of volunteers has taken on the task of recycling in Medora, saying they are already collecting cardboard and hope to expand to other items with more donations.

In April, Medora City Council members discussed the possibility of implementing a recycling program which would allow residents to drop off recyclable materials in town, then those materials would be transported via trailer to Beach, Bismarck and Dickinson.

An estimated cost for a trailer to haul materials was around $8,000.

Due to costs, the City Council opted not to be involved with recycling at this time, said Doug Ellison, Medora mayor.

"The council has not acted yet, they are a little leery of committing funds to recycling," Ellison said. "We're relying on private donations and some corporate donations to get it under way."

Sandy Baertsch, a member of an informal group of Medora residents that have taken on the recycling, said collection of cardboard has been ongoing for about three weeks. Volunteers have been hauling the material to Beach, where it is baled. So far, about 2 1/2 tons of cardboard have been collected.

"We're still trying purchase some dumpsters. The city of Beach is going to sell us two dumpsters that are kind of set up for recycling already," Baertsch said.

A difference has already been noticed, she added.

"The people that do the refuse here in the city say they are already seeing a difference in our dumpsters," Baertsch said. "We're trying to make as much of a difference as we can."

A few businesses in Medora are hauling their own cardboard. Volunteers are picking up cardboard from others, she added.

"This is a very busy time as far as cardboard for the businesses," Baertsch said. "A lot of their seasonal shipments are coming in. It's a great time to get on board."

Volunteer trailers will be used to haul materials until the program gets up and running. Baertsch said it is estimated a trailer could cost up to $10,000.

"We as volunteers will continue to do the work," she said. "We hope that eventually the city will take it over."

Residents can drop cardboard at the city shop.

Donations to help support the recycling program are still being taken. Anyone who would like to donate can contact Jennifer Ondracek, Medora city auditor, at 701- 623-4828.