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8 area counties to elect sheriffs

Eight southwest counties will be electing a sheriff on June 8 and five of those counties' candidates are contested.

In Stark County, incumbent Sheriff Clarence Tuhy of Dickinson is running against Ray Becker of Richardton.

"Personally, I think the citizens of Stark County deserve more than what they're getting," Becker said. "I think the small communities within Stark County do not have a good working relationship with the sheriff's department, specifically with Mr. Tuhy. I think that it's a shame that that is the way it is and it needs to change."

Tuhy highlights strengthening relationships with other law enforcement agencies as a goal if he is elected for a third term.

"The goals that I have in mind is to do the best job that we can and work with other agencies for the purpose of trying to curb the drug problem," Tuhy said. "Right now we're in the process with Stark County and the police department working with the drug task force ... to where we can have an impact on trying to solve some of the drug activities in southwest North Dakota."

Becker would also like to see drug issues taken care of.

"I train drug dogs, and a big thing for me is illegal drugs. We have a problem in Stark County," Becker said. "If you address those issues, you're going to have a safer and better community, and that's kind of what I'm looking for."

Tuhy said he would also like the opportunity to address the influx of traffic in Stark County due to oil activity. He said being more visible and "being proactive instead reactive," should help address the issue.

Becker would also like the increased traffic problem addressed.

"I'm also looking to get the community involved in law enforcement to make the work load much easier for the sheriff's department and local law enforcement within the county and within the state," Becker said.

He has lived in Stark County since 1990 and worked with the Sheriff's Department for 16 years. Becker has worked with the Beulah Police Department and Mercer County Sheriff's Department for the last 4 years.

Tuhy has been sheriff for nearly eight years. He has about 40 years of law enforcement experience.

"I want to give to the community the service that they deserve," Tuhy said.