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Dickinson Pit Stop burglarized

A burglary and an attempted burglary were reported to the Dickinson Police Department Wednesday.

The Dickinson Pit Stop reported a burglary Wednesday afternoon, according to the DPD, though authorities would not say what was stolen.

No further information was released and the incident is under investigation, Investigator Ron Van Doorne said.

Management at the business was not available for comment Thursday.

An attempted burglary was also reported at Dakota Loan and Pawn on Wednesday, Capt. Dustin Dassinger said.

Manager Raymond Gentry said the burglary attempt occurred Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning.

"They made it through one of two back doors," Gentry said.

However, they did not get in.

"It looks like somebody had disabled the MDU meter and pried the back door," Dassinger said. "There were pry marks on a door frame that were consistent with somebody trying to forcefully gain entry to the building."

The burglar or burglars were likely trying to disable power to the building, Dassinger said.

"It looks like there was about $1,500 worth of damage done to the MDU meter," he said.

Gentry added telephone wires were also damaged.

"There was no power to the business when they opened," Gentry said.

"I'd hate for any business in town to get broken into, but at least ours was just attempted," Gentry said.