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Fire burns 2 area fields

Press Photo by Lisa Anne Call Firefighters head toward a blaze in a field about three miles southwest of Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport near Dickinson Wednesday afternoon.

Black and white smoke billowed on Dickinson's south horizon, about three miles southwest of the Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport as a fire burned 42 acres of a hayfield, Wednesday afternoon.

No one was injured in the incident.

Dickinson Rural Fire Department Chief Curt Lefor said the fire ignited after a farmer was haying and hit a rock.

"There's a lot of flint in that area and when its sickle hits that it just causes a spark and gets the grass going," Lefor said.

While the landowner is unknown, Lefor said Don Maus was renting the land on 44th Street and 113th Avenue Southwest.

A call to Maus went unreturned.

Prevailing winds caused the fire to be quite aggressive, Lefor said.

To prevent the blaze from spreading into a nearby wheat field, Lefor said the Gladstone Fire District was called in for backup, responding with four fire trucks.

"It was moving right along with the wind," Lefor said. "It's green out but the dead grass underneath of it, it moves along quite quickly."

Firefighters began efforts to stifle the blaze at about 2 p.m., and had to head back into Dickinson three times to obtain additional water.

Lefor said getting water to the scene of a rural fire is "always a huge part of our concern."

Stark County also responded to the fire, providing firefighters with about 6,000 gallons to battle the blaze.

Dickinson Rural Fire Department responded with 10 fire trucks and 15 firefighters.

Several agencies assisted, including Dickinson Ambulance Service, the Stark County Sheriff's Department, Gladstone Fire District and the DRFD.

Lefor said the DRFD greatly appreciates the Gladstone Fire District for aiding in putting out the blaze.

Efforts wrapped up at about 6 p.m., Lefor said.

Fires in the vicinity of Wednesday's fire aren't anything new.

"In the last year we've had quite a number of fires there," Lefor said, adding he recalls three.

Another fire ignited about six miles north of South Heart Wednesday afternoon, said Ken Koppinger, South Heart Fire District chief.

It started when a farmer drove his pickup into his wheat field along 30th Street Southwest to check on a combine that had stopped, Koppinger said.

"We were thinking straw or chaff got onto the catalytic converter and it actually started the pickup on fire first is what it did," Koppinger said.

About 15 acres of wheat burned -- about five acres of that was harvested, he added.

Nobody was injured during the blaze, which was put out within about an hour and a half.

The 2009 Chevy that was driven into the field was totaled, and the wheat was about a $30,000 loss, he added.

-- Ashley Martin contributed to this story.