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Residents want a pool

The people of Dickinson have spoken and plans for an outdoor pool are progressing.

Tuesday night the Western Edge Pool Committee held a meeting at the American Bank Center to tally up the surveys and make plans for the next forum.

"We want to have as much public input as possible," Stepheny Reger, chair of the Western Edge Pool Committee, said.

Of the 335 people who responded to the survey 318 were in favor of an outdoor pool.

The Western Edge Pool Committee was surprised to see that they received more paper surveys than they originally made.

"A lot of people made copies themselves and gave them out to family, friends and coworkers," Nicole Berger, committee member said.

There were some naysayers as well, seven people were opposed to the idea of an outdoor pool, and 10 were unsure.

"The major concern the 'no' votes had was cost," Lyn Wyokoff, committee member, said.

The Western Edge Pool Committee has not discussed design, cost or location of the pool yet. They are just beginning the planning stages.

"The first forum was held to see if the residents wanted an outdoor pool or not, and we have found that they do want it, the next forum should be held to find out what kind of pool the residents want," James Kramer, Director of Dickinson Parks and Recreation, said.

The committee agreed, and said that they will discuss survey results such as exact numbers, facilities preferred and comments in more detail at the next forum. They will also be showing a Power Point presentation of different pool concepts and features.

Following the presentation the Western Edge Pool Committee will allow time for discussion and distribute another survey.

The next forum will be held in early Sept., though an exact date has not been set.

"We will definitely get the information out about time and place as soon as we can," Reger said.